Whether looking for a little separation from your neighbours with a privacy fence or a decorative fence to make your yard a little more a modern, Ryan and his landscape team can build it – so it lasts. Traditionally, fences using a post, rail and fill-in board design exist primarily to provide security and privacy screening. Often, though when building a fence you CAN combine form and function: with the style of a privacy fence chosen based on the aesthetic appeal in the landscape.

Ryan’s Landscaping is also able to help you choose a fence that will have a positive impact on your plants, patio or house. Almost all fences can impact what plants are growing nearby by providing shade and providing shelter from the wind. A solid, well-built fence, by Ryan’s Landscaping, can accent your front yard or backyard the way YOU want it to.

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you done on the fence. It looks amazing. The colour almost matches the shed and the raised garden beds I have. Definitely worth the money.
I have passed your name onto our next door neighbour who is thinking of doing his side fence and also to a friend of my wife’s who wants pavers done down the sides of her driveway.
Thank you once again. 

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